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General Members

General Members have held previous positions on committee and stepped aside from core duties. Due to their extensive experience in club matters both remain on committee to offer support where required.

About Me:

Farah Robson

Having tried to join The Mill just before it was due to be knocked down to make way for the new Rushes Shopping Centre, I started going to classes (body pump, combat & step) at Rep Out in Loughborough, getting David to join once I'd been going for 3 months (he didn't think I'd keep it up!) before both of us joined LA Fitness when it first opened in 2003.
At LA Fitness, I met some girls from Quorn who ran so thought I'd give it a go and managed 5k without too much trouble. I then met Sarah Grandy (a former Club member) whose partner Nigel was one of the gym instructors. Sarah started a beginners running group and around 25 of us used to meet up in Loughborough and also at the 3 Crowns in Hathern (including some of the mixed hockey club members), running all over Hathern, Shepshed, Sutton Bonnington & Loughborough. I also managed to get my husband David to come along, which got him back into running, having been out of it since his twenties.

One day Sarah got us to fill in entry forms for the Crossdale 10k (Sept) as 'homework'- we didn't even realise the race number went on your front, not your back, never mind using four pins instead of one to stop it flapping! She took us down the hill and back up again to warm up (I've never wasted energy warming up since!) and we got to grips with the delights of our first 'out and back' race.

From there I did a Cancer Research 10k at Althorpe (Oct- the only time I've beaten David in a race!), the Shepshed 7 (Nov) and finally the Turkey Trot (Dec), which I had to complete in order to feel justified in wearing the t-shirt to work the next day which had the names of all the participants on the back! This was all in the space of about 6 months, with no injuries, despite David buying me cheap trainers from Debenhams as a birthday present!

Sarah then gave us membership forms from Barrow Runners, saying she'd taken us as far as she could and it was now time to join a 'proper' running club!

I enjoy running off-road and try to get out most Sunday mornings throughout the year with a group from Woodhouse Eaves, making several stops to talk to the various dog owners we meet en route!

I've made many friends at the club and like the fact we all look the same in our running kit, despite our different jobs, professions and backgrounds. I've also been on several 'Runner Bean' weekends away (organized by Ian, Mon & Kath); Hebden Bridge, Bournemouth & somewhere unpronounceable in Wales to name just a few!

I've been a committee member since 2011, spending 5 years editing the newsletter before taking a step back last September and becoming a general committee member and am also a member of the social committee.

My other hobbies are reading (I've recently joined a book club), going to the cinema ( all genres including animation), theatre, concerts and musicals (Kilworth House is a favourite).

My ambitions are to go traveling around the British Isles in a camper van, owning a dog and possibly a sports car (before I get too old to get in and out of one!), but not necessarily in that order!

Coming Up

Club Session
Thursday, 24 January 19:00
Ratcliffe College

Midlands XC Championships
Saturday, 26 January
Newbold Comyn, Leamington

Peddars Way Trail Ultra Marathon
Saturday, 26 January
Knettishall Heath, East Anglia

Viking Way Ultra
Saturday, 26 January
Humber Bridge, Yorks

Waterway 30
Saturday, 26 January
Retford, Notts