Treasurer – Ian Paramore

Ian keeps us all in check processing payments, preparing reports and ensuring we remain a financially sustainable club.

About Me:

Running History.

I Joined barrow Runners in 1994 when I moved to Leicestershire and packed up playing football.

Originally my running interest was gained at school doing cross country and Athletics in Sheffield, my home town.

It wasn't until I stopped playing football that I went back to serious running, I wish I had done so much earlier than I did, knowing what I know now.

Claim to fame was I once ran in the same school race as Peter Elliott (GB International for those of you old enough to remember) I didn't see him after the gun went off!

Also went to same school as Lord Coe (he left the year I arrived but we had the same coach!)

Love the marathon distance (but it doesn't love me any more)

Interval training I enjoyed the most, or at least that what I got most out of.

Past roles on committee

Done a few of them to be honest. In order

Newsletter writer / publicity officer. In the days pre email. Hand delivered monthly newsletters to ever member!

Membership Secretary

Kit secretary

Club Captain – in the days before we had more than one!

Joint Club coach – unqualified – couldn't happen now.

Race secretary

Other interests / family / job etc

Married to Kath, with two primary school children

I also have two grown up children

Love holidays, doesn't matter where, just time away from work and more time with family and friends.

Running Club takes up a lot of my time outside family and work.

I have worked for the same organisation 37 years, I am a fairly loyal person!

I love organising events (although this can be frustrating)

Runner Bean Tours originator – been a quiet few years with so much other stuff going on and club members doing some great trips themselves.

Greatest running achievement

I won a marathon once (Charnwood Marathon – most bizarre thing ever. Finish line inside Quorn village Hall, absolutely zero fanfare or prizes)

I have run some half decent (but only half decent ) times in the past, but none of that I would say was the greatest achievement.

If you pushed me, then my PB marathon time would be the one and completing the Iron distance triathlon may be the other ( a year after Achilles surgery)

I think the achievement from a well organised event with lots of people (safely) taking part and enjoying it would be my answer.