LRRL and Derby Runner League Rules

Below is an overview of rules for both LRRL and Derby Runner.

Users have been asking for clarification on how the team scoring works in the different leagues. There are various versions available but the below has been pieced together to provide a summary of the rules.

Indirect Counting

It's important to note runners positioned outside of the "scoring" positions do still have a large impact on the performance of the club over the course of the season. If runners behind you from rival clubs are counting for their teams, your being there is pushing their position total up and increasing the gap in the league table. Being such a large club, we benefit massively from this and it shows in the final league tables.

Leicestershire Road Running League

Rules and scoring formats can be found here

Derby Runner Cross Country League

The overall format of the Derby Runner league is very similar to the LRRL, however there are a number of nuances that can impact heavily on the team standings.

Team Scoring – Individual races
Unlike LRRL there are no separate veteran categories, but teams have to include a set number of veterans.

The categories are:

  • Men – first 8 runners, including 2 veterans
  • Women – First 4 runners, including 1 veteran
  • Team – 7 Men, including 2 veterans and 3 ladies, including 1 veteran.

Veteran is 40+, however if you turn 40 within a season, you will not count as a veteran until the following season.

As with LRRL the total of the position of these runners is taken and the team with the lowest total is first.

Users running second claim for Barrow only count if less than the required number to fill a category are present (which is very rarely the case).

Team Scoring - Season
There are league tables for the three categories, which are updated throughout the season. There are 2/3 divisions per category and teams are relegated / promoted at the end of each season. Only teams in the top division can win the title at the end of the season.

At present all Barrow teams are within the top divisions in their respective categories.

For each race the team position gets an allocated number of points:

  • 1st – 10 Points
  • 2nd – 9 Points
  • 3rd – 8 Points

...decreasing by 1 point per team position.

The team with the highest number of points for all races is then leading that category, and the team leading at the end of the season crowned champions. If 2 teams are drawn at the end of the season, the result is decided on total of all positions, with the lowest winning.

Unlike in LRRL when there are 3 points between 1st / 2nd, having only 1 point between each position keeps it close throughout the season, and often very open going into the last race.

Individual Scoring
As with LRRL there are league prizes available based on race placing. Your best 4 races from the first 5 races (in terms of finishing position) are added up and the lowest total is the winner. The 6th / last race only counts for team placing and not individual.

The categories available are Senior, V40, V50, V60, U20 (all for both Men and Women), if you turn 40/50/60 within a season you do not move up a category until the following season. Unlike team scoring, 2nd claim runners are eligible for individual prizes.

If you are still unsure on anything just ask one of the captains, we will either know or find out for you!