Barrow Runners

The 'Run'down - 19th June

The Barrow Runners home race, the Prestwold 10k took centre stage but there were lots of events across the region and further afield.

Prestwold 10k

The club hosted event, at Prestwold Driving Centre seems to attract the sun each year. Peaking at close to 30 degrees, this was no exception, but as always, well represented by our members, 59 completing the course.

Following a strong race at Swithland, Tim Hartley reproduced this form finishing 2nd overall, in 33:49. The second and third Barrow finishers were Phil Saunders and Chris Neil respectively. Russ Lewin finished 19th and received the first V40 prize.

Our first female finisher was Becky White with Emma Spencer-Cumberland the second Barrow runner home.

Sadly, not a day for PB's due to the hot conditions but plenty of smiles as usual among the Barrow contingent. A big thanks to the organisers and all who make this event a success, including the many volunteers helping both in preparation for the event and marshals out on the course.

2 Tim Hartley 33:49:00

13 Phil Saunders 38:38:00

15 Chris Neil 39:08:00

19 Russell Lewin 40:16:00

25 Oliver Hatton 40:47:00

26 Chris Trinder 40:47:00

32 James Smith 41:10:00

38 Jonathan Male 41:55:00

39 Ian Robinson 41:53:00

42 Geoff Newill 42:22:00

45 Richard Keep 43:33:00

46 Andrew Price 43:30:00

61 Lloyd Bowler 44:46:00

69 Steven Bailey 45:14:00

74 Mat Richardson 45:37:00

75 Becky White 45:49:00

96 Jonathan Rashleigh 47:37:00

101 Liam King 47:48:00

104 Emma Spencer-Cumberland 47:55:00

108 Amanda Hancock 48:17:00

110 Malcolm Cook 48:26:00

111 Steve Sharpe 48:37:00

112 Mark Elston 48:37:00

115 Nigel Hillier 48:53:00

120 Rachael Martin 49:05:00

123 Louise Harman 49:27:00

124 Monique Raaijmakers 49:15:00

133 Karen Bell 50:08:00

139 Ann Hillier 50:31:00

141 Chris Trzcinski 51:13:00

152 Rob Beers 51:46:00

153 Mark Sadler 51:47:00

168 Rachel Anderson 52:57:00

169 Kath Spencer 52:58:00

170 Mariasole Da Boit 52:57:00

175 Katy Pilling 53:18:00

177 Amey Brassington 53:55:00

178 Paul Bentley 53:56:00

183 Paul Leaney 54:27:00

186 Rik Hill 54:36:00

191 Amy Read 54:46:00

199 Pete Wiseman 55:16:00

212 Louise Caskey 56:55:00

216 Bill Phillips 57:28:00

218 Frankie Riley 57:38:00

232 Rebecca Edmonds 58:57:00

234 Fiona Mee 59:00:00

236 Sue Zurawliw 59:05:00

252 Jane Spencer 60:15

254 Linda Pullen 60:28

280 Victoria Harris 62:07

291 Chris Murray 63:13

306 Lucy Pears 64:24

315 Christine Spencer 65:01

318 Claire Cassell 65:32

332 Martin Mee 67:35

338 Karen Griffin 68:11

384 Susan Wilson 73:46

392 Alison Johnston 75:03

Club Championship tables have now been updated here.

Rothley 10k

Across the river, the annual and popular event at Rothley took place on Tuesday. A double loop of the village, on a hilly course, well supported by Barrow members. Special mentions to our 1st ladies team (Vicky Elston, Mandy Hancock, Ann Hillier, Mariasole Da Boit) and 2nd mens team (Gavin Smith, Chris Hitchings, Kyle Black, Ian Fisk). Rich Keep was fourth Barrow finisher but somehow ran for 'Barnes' Runners! Another mention to Ben Plummer, in the process of returning to Barrow Runners, finishing 2nd in 36:47.

Ben Plummer 0:36:47

Gavin Smith 0:40:00

Chris Hitchings 0:40:38

Kyle Black 0:42:26

Richard Keep 0:42:39

Ian Fisk 0:43:28

Mat Richardson 0:44:25

Mark Snutch 0:46:18

Jonathan Rashleigh 0:46:25

Vicky Elston 0:46:50

Liam King 0:46:32

Steve Bailey 0:46:33

Malcolm Cook 0:47:07

Nigel Hillier 0:47:30

Mark Elston 0:47:56

Amanda Hancock 0:47:24

Gary Sharlott 0:48:22

Ann Hillier 0:48:45

Mariasole Da Boit 0:48:20

Kristie Matthiae 0:50:26

Paul Bentley 0:50:09

David Wheeler 0:52:14

Samantha Owen 0:52:27

Claire Cassell 1:03:37

Helen Taylor 1:03:37

Karen Griffin 1:03:47

Lucy Pears 1:04:24

Beacon Solstice Run (5 Mile)

78 Paul Bentley 41:48:00

97 John Ward 43:05:00

128 Megan Cox 45:59:00

142 Roger Griffiths 46:30:00

172 Michelle Ward 48:37:00

220 Joanne Griffiths 51:33:00

243 Louise Haworth 52:59:00

247 Claire Armitage 53:09:00

339 Gillian Hailes 60:01:41

Notts 10 Mile

3 Stuart Spencer 51:59

66 Chris Trinder 1:07:09

Salomon Trail Marathon, Wales

7th Ian Cox 3:52

Dambuster Tri

Neil Cobley 3:04:02

Andrea Winkless 3:43:01

Baslow Boot Bash

On an uncomfortably hot and humid weekend, Bob Aird completed the Baslow Boot Bash challenge in 8 hours 21 min. This is a tough hilly course of 26 miles in the Derbyshire Peak District starting from the Chatsworth Park estate.

Bob Aird

Humph's hilly half Bourton on the water

This is on a Saturday evening and was the evening before Prestwold so very hot, which may have been why only 142 braved it. After 400 metres from the start you climb up the appropriately named The Steeps that climbs up 250 feet up to the 1st mile. There are beautiful views of the wolds and poppy fields. You go through some beautiful villages and climb another 250ft between miles 8 and 10, to descend back to Bourton. It must be one of the most scenic runs and comes highly recommended.

Alex & Lorraine Toll

Parkrun Results

Braunstone parkrun

Rik HILL 24:39

Conkers parkrun, N.W.Leicestershire

Dawn STORER 55:00

Melton Mowbray parkrun

Mark SADLER 22:49

David ROBSON 22:52

Rushcliffe parkrun

Ann HILLIER 22:44

Nigel HILLIER 23:13

Amanda STANBRIDGE 30:07

Julie FELSTEAD 32:24


If you have yet to renew, please help out the committee and do so asap. We are very close to the time that EA mark anyone not renewed as lapsed which means you will struggle to enter races.

It's £30 for the year and can be paid easily online /membership/

Upcoming Club Champs Races open for entry:

Notts 5k - Tuesday 4th July

Joy Cann 5 - Wednesday 2nd August

Entries open Friday 23rd June

John Fraser 10 - Sunday 3rd September

Still not open, but will share as soon as it is.

Calke Abbey 10k - 17th September

Shelton Striders 10k - Sunday 1st October

Leicester half - Sunday 15th October

Upcoming LRRL races open for entry:

Hungarton 7 - 5th July

Joy Cann 5 - Wednesday 2nd August

Entries open Friday 23rd June

Carl Rutt Memorial 10k - Sunday

John Fraser 10 - Sunday 3rd September

Still not open, but will share as soon as it is.

Hopefully we have included all members racing over the last week, we always check results from all the races on our club calendar. If you are racing further afield please let us know how you got on either on facebook or to before Sunday night to be included in this weeks 'Run'down.

Coming Up

Club Training
Tuesday, 20 March 19:00-20:00
Loughborough Hospital

Club Session
Thursday, 22 March 19:00

Charnwood Marathon
Saturday, 24 March
Rawlings College, Quorn, Leics

Bedford 20
Sunday, 25 March
Bedford, Bedfordshire

Retford Half Marathon
Sunday, 25 March
Retford, Notts