Club Championships 2019

The Barrow Runners Club Championship is a competition open to all members, which will include a range of popular events, varying each year, with a mix of on and off-road. The results of these will ultimately decide our annual awards, held in November.

We continue to support and compete in the LRRL (Leicestershire Road Running League) series and will continue to do so. However, the internal club championship has been our primary focus since 2017 to allow:

  • accessibility to races and avoid the disappointment of missing deadlines due to sell-outs etc
  • the award of 100% awards
  • the support events of that are popular with members so our participation at these events is as high as possible.
  • Introduction of new challenges and fresh focus.
  • us to offer variety by changing the championship races each year and including a range of distances from 5k to half marathon.
  • the provision of clear guidelines on how you can win awards, including age categories.

2019 races

Thank you for your input and suggestions for this year's races.

  1. 7th April - Derby 10k
  2. 5th May - Livingston Relays (speak to Sue Taylor to be included in a Barrow team)
  3. 19th May - Long Clawson 10k
  4. 21st June - Notts 10m
  5. 25th June - Holme Pierrepoint Grand Prix 4m
  6. 7th July - Great Hucklow Fell race
  7. 14th July - Brooksie's Bash
  8. 6th August - Three Club Challenge, East Leake
  9. 11th August - Hermitage Carl Rutt Memorial 10k (LRRL)
  10. 21st September - Midland Counties Athletics Association Road Relays (Nuneaton)
  11. 22nd September - Charnwood Challenge
  12. 13th October - Peterborough (Great Eastern) half marathon

Current standings

View the Current Standings.

Championship overview

  1. There are 12 races selected and listed below (spread across the year March to October)
  2. To complete the championship, runners must run any 5 of the 12 races, where the best 5 will count.
  3. Scoring is based on the chip time of Barrow runners from race results, i.e. fastest Barrow male and female finisher awarded 100 points, 2nd fastest finisher 99 points and so on...Chip time was selected as the fairest system for capturing position, so as not to give a head start to those standing closer to the start line.
  4. The tables are split male/female then by age categories (with ten year gaps V40-V80).
  5. Table updates and publishing will be quick, as soon as results are available.

The 2019 events and dates are as follows, in selecting these races we have tried to maintain a balance throughout the year of local races that have capacity to take additional runners.

General rules of prizes/awards

  1. The club maintain two championship tables: male and female
  2. Championship tables to be used to determine overall and category winners at annual awards presentation
  3. Prizes allocated to 1st and runner up for male and female in categories: Junior, Senior (overall), V40, V50, V60, V70, V80.
  4. Age categories for prizes based on age on 1st Jan of championship year
  5. Overall category is all inclusive, i.e. Vets can win overall AND category
  6. Other awards (captains, coaches, performances etc decided by committee nominations)
  7. Any challenge should be made within 7 days of standings being published / before the next race (whichever is soonest) to
  8. Committee decision is final

Scoring system

  1. Members to complete at least 5 of 12 listed races.
  2. You must be Barrow Member at the time of event to score, enter as a Barrow Runner and run in Barrow Colours
  3. Scoring based on the chip time of Barrow runners from the organiser race results eg 100 points fastest Barrow finisher, 100 points fastest female Barrow finisher, 99 for second fastest and so on
  4. If two runners share the same chip time, the higher point will be awarded to the first finisher listed in the race results
  5. Where the final score for a prize is tied, award based on most head to head victories. If it remains a tie, award is shared.
  6. Where there is no category winner due to insufficient races completed, scoring is based on 4 races from 12 (then 3 races and so on)

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