Barrow Runners

Club Records and Personal Bests

As a club we hold official club records at certified distances. Races must be ran registered as a Barrow Runner, and 2nd Claim runners are eligible providing they register in the race as Barrow Runners.

We also have a Personal Best tracker where all members can log their own PB's.

5k1stTim Hartley14.51Peterborough30/08/06
 2ndStuart Spencer15.56Derby17/03/10
 3rdStuart Spencer16.06Nottingham29/06/10
5 mile1stTim Hartley24.56Huncote06/05/08
 2ndTim Hartley24.57Ashby17/01/10
 3rdTim Hartley25.03Huncote01/08/07
10k1stTim Hartley30.54Desford15/03/09
 2ndTim Hartley31.05Prestwold 29/06/08
 3rdTim Hartley31.09Prestwold28/06/09
10m1stTim Hartley52.44JF1001/09/13
 2ndTim Hartley53.34JF1004/09/11
 3rdStuart Spencer53.34Heckington30/07/11
Half Marathon1stTim Hartley1.07.34Hinkley13/05/07
 2ndTim Hartley1.07.39Keyworth14/12/08
 3rdStuart Spencer1.08.09Hinkley12/05/13
20 mile1stStuart Spencer1.53.46Ashby 13/03/11
 2ndGlenn North2.02.28Ashby19/03/06
 3rdIan Cox2.03.08Ashby19/03/17
Marathon1stStuart Spencer2.28.09London17/04/11
 2ndStuart Spencer2.31.50London25/04/10
 3rdStuart Spencer2.35.29Nottingham12/09/28
5k1stKate Ramsey17.4Hinkley22/08/07
 2ndKate Ramsey17.46Derby18/02/09
 3rdKate Ramsey17.56Whetstone09/12/08
5 mile1stKate Ramsey28.45Huncote01/08/07
 2ndEmily Ault29.34Kegworth10/06/16
 3rdCatherine Draper29.56Huncote04/08/10
10k1stKate Ramsey36.29Desford12/03/07
 2ndEmma Neil36.57Bolsover13/12/15
 3rdKate Ramsey36.59Desford15/03/09
10m1stKate Ramsey1.01.43JF1002/09/07
 2ndEmily Ault1.01.56Notts 1012/06/15
 3rdEmily Ault1.03.05JF1007/09/14
Half Marathon1stEmily Ault1.20.19Peterborough11/10/15
 2ndKate Ramsey1.21.17Hinkley HM13/05/07
 3rdEmily Ault1.21.36Nottingham28/09/14
20 mile1stEmily Ault2.09.56Ashby22/03/15
 2ndEmily Ault2.18.09Ashby09/03/14
 3rdEmily Ault2.19.14Ashby13/03/11
Marathon1stEmma Brown2.55.06London09/07/05
 2ndEmily Ault2.59.51London13/04/14
 3rdEmily Ault3.07.37London17/04/11
50k1stHelen James4.21.13Newcastle Racecourse21/01/15
 2ndHelen James4.24.38Boddington25/07/17
100k1stHelen James9.11.49Perth31/03/13
 2ndHelen James9.29.49National 100k03/05/14
 3rdHelen James9.47.51Redwick22/07/12

We believe these to be the club records to our best knowledge. If members believe they have a record that should be listed please email race, date and link to results to

For further race stats and LRRL archives have a look at Barrow page on the 'RaceStats' website.

Personal Best Tracker

Race Distance
Ben Plummer01:16:21
Michael Ballard01:17:32
Emily Smith01:20:19
Chris Trinder01:26:47
Peter Tetstall01:27:02
Jonathan Male01:28:49
Helen James01:30:29
Joel Payne01:30:51
Rob Beers01:31:12
Liam King01:35:45
Mark Sadler01:36:08
Paul Bentley01:48:37
Pete Wiseman01:49:29
Karl Stones01:55:42
Christine Spencer02:08:41

Coming Up

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Tuesday, 24 September
Lount, Leics

Club Training
Tuesday, 24 September 19:00
Loughborough Hospital

Club Session
Thursday, 26 September 19:00
Ratcliffe College

Fell N` Back
Saturday, 28 September
Burbage Institute, Nursery Lane, Buxton,

Robin Hood Half Marathon
Saturday, 28 September
Victoria Embnakment Notts, NG2

East Leake Triathlon
Sunday, 29 September
East Leake, Leics