Barrow Runners

Cross Country / Off Road Captain – Andy Price

Andy and Ian coordinate our off road events, recruiting teams to ensure we have presence at both Derby Runner and XC Championship races. Usually taking place in fields in winter they endure some of the worse conditions to make sure members have some cover at races.


Hi, my name is Andy but I use my official name Andrew in races (either is fine). I live in Loughborough and have two children.

I started running around 2010, mainly off road on trails as I prefer the scenery and nature. I quickly progressed to half then full marathons and in September 2013 I ran 66 miles in my first ultra.

I joined Barrow Runners in October 2013 and my first race was a cross country league race which I loved. I then began picking up speed through road racing and entered more ultra marathons. All of this was building up to my best achievement (to date) which was running 100 miles in under 24 hours in 2016.

Coming Up

Club Training
Tuesday, 20 August 19:00
Woodhouse Eaves

Club Session
Thursday, 22 August 19:00
Ratcliffe College

Beanie Beacon Run 10k, 5k and 2k
Friday, 23 August 19:00
Beacon Hill Lower Car Park

STR 1st Birthday Run
Saturday, 24 August 10:00-12:30
Woodhouse Eaves, Leics

Badgers Atherstone 10k
Sunday, 25 August
Atherstone, Warwickshire

Coalville Novice Triathlon
Sunday, 25 August
Coalville, Leics