Race Director – Andrew Unitt

As race director Andrew is responsible for the administration of our club races. This involves race registration and licencing, entry processing as well as dealing with general enquiries.

Andrew also sits on race sub-committee.

About Me:

I have been running with Barrow Runners for more than 5 years, and having recently retired from full time work thought I should try to contribute a bit more to the club. I travel quite a lot, so I am something of an intermittent Tuesday night runner – if I'm there I lead the 7:15 a mile group.

In common with lots of other members I like to run all sorts of races – anything from Park Run to Marathons, on road or off, as well as doing the odd triathlon. Hoping to be age group competitive when I hit 60 later this year 😃!

My greatest sporting claim to fame is being in a race when the world record was broken - I pushed Haile Gebrselassie to a time of 2:03 in the Berlin marathon (I ran 3:13, so reckon I was at 17 miles when he finished...........!)