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President and Club Champion Trophies

The president's trophy is awarded annually to a member who has had a significant impact on the club.

Club Champions until 2016 were awarded based on combined LRRL standings, from 2017 onwards this will be based on the Club Championship results.

YearPresident TrophyMens ChampionLadies Champion
2016Nigel HillierChris NeilMary Tierney
2015Chris TrinderAlex TollMonique Raaijmakers
2014Rob BeersIan CoxEmily Ault
2013Stuart SpencerJonathan MaleLouise Harman
2012Julie FelsteadJonathan MaleMonique Raaijmakers
2011Dave BattersbyAlex TollMonique Raaijmakers
2010Mick BallardStuart SpencerEmily Ault
2009Bryan GallagherAlex TollKate Ramsey
2008Alex WoodforthIan ParamoreMonique Raaijmakers
2007Paul ZurawliwIan ParamoreKate Ramsey
2006Bob Aird and Julie LeeGlenn NorthHannah Spotak
2005Dorothy ParkerGlenn NorthMonique Raaijmakers
2004Lisa Rees and Monique RaaijmakersGlenn NorthM Raaijmakers / K Eastwood
2003Glenn NorthIan ParamoreKath Eastwood
2002Steve DevineAndy Wallin / Ian ParamoreKath Eastwood
2001Ian Paramore and Peter OsbourneAndy Wallin / Ian ParamoreKath Eastwood
2000Bryan GallagherD HillmanS.Grandy
1999Alison JohnsonD HillmanS Grandy
1998Ian ParamoreD HillmanM Smith
1997Malcolm DarkD HillmanS. Grandy / A Johnston
1996Andy WallinD HillmanM Smith
1995Margaret and Terry SmithD HillmanS. Hodson
1994Mick BallardD HillmanM Smith
1993Neil BonnerD HillmanS Hodson
1992Kiyohiko Inoue and David RoseD HillmanL Leverton
1991John BaldwinD HillmanJ Cross
1990Dave HillmanD HillmanS. Hodson
1989Les GrundyD Hillman / J BarkerL Matthews
1988Jo ChappellD HillmanAlison Johnson
1987Mick Ballard  

Veteran Champion Trophies

Each year we also award trophies to our leading veterans in the 40, 50, 60 and 70 categories. As with the Club Champion these up until 2016 these were based on combined LRRL but now will be based on Club Championships.

Record Table to follow

YearMens 40+Ladies 40+Mens 50+Ladies 50+Mens 60+Mens 70+
2016Alex TollPauline BawtreeMark SadlerAnn HillierMalcolm HarrisBob Aird
2015Steven KennyKate RamseyIan RobinsonAnn Hillier Bob Aird
2014Alex TollMonique RaaijmakersIan RobinsonLiz Robinson Bob Aird
2013Steven KennyMonique RaaijmakersMark SadlerKath Spencer Byran Gallagher
2012David RobsonRachel PhillipsMark SadlerSue Wilson Byran Gallagher
2011Spencer NewportLorraine TollM Sadler / M HarrisSue Zurawliw Bob Aird
2010Alex TollMonique RaaijmakersGeoff NewillSue Zurawliw  
2009R LeeMonique RaaijmakersM SheldonR Brooks  
2008Alex TollAnn HillierNigel HillierR Brooks  
2007Alex TollMonique RaaijmakersMalcolm HarrisW Morrison  
2006Ian ParamoreMonique RaaijmakersPaul ZurawliwD Parker & W Morrison  
2005Ian ParamoreH NorthPaul ZurawliwW Morrison  
2004Ian ParamoreH NorthMick HornerD Parker  
2003Andy WallinH North    
2002Mick Horner     
2001D Hillman     
2000Mick Horner     
1999Mick Horner     
1998Mick Horner     
1997Mick Horner     
1996T Buxton     
1995Bryan Gallagher     
1994M Jelley     
1993Mick Ballard     
1992M Jelley     
1991M Jelley     
1990M Jelley     
1989Mick Ballard     
1988Mick Ballard     

Roger Mortimer Club Personality of the Year

Awarded to someone who stands out and is a recognised character within the club.
This is open to nominations, and voted by committee.

The trophy is named in memory of Roger Mortimer who passed away in 2015. Roger was a passionate member of Barrow Runners, ever present at club events and often seen supporting on the sidelines at races with his Barrow Runners banner.

Past Winners
2016 - Chris Dawkins

Paul Osbourne Inspiring Others Award

Awarded to a member recognising the impact they have on fellow members of the club.
This is open to nominations, and voted by committee.

The trophy is named in memory of Paul 'Oz' Osbourne, who tragically passed away while racing for Barrow in 2016. Paul was a real clubman, always supporting fellow runners and was first to help others, including shouting us all on most weekends while volunteering at Rushcliffe parkrun.

Past Winners
2016 - Doug Skehan

Other Awards

In addition each year we award standalone awards in the following categories.

Best newcomer - Male and Female

Most improved - Male and Female

Coaches Award

Captains Award

Triathlete of the Year

Off Road Runner of the Year

Outstanding Performance / Achievement

Numpty Award

Lifetime Achievement and Honorary Life Members

The lifetime achievement award is a special award only awarded for significant contribution over a number of years service to the club.

We have also awarded honorary lifetime memberships to a few members who have represented the club at a high level.

Lifetime Achievement Winners

2015 - Mick Ballard

2005 - Mick Horner

2015 - Bob Aird

2010 - Ian Paramore

Honorary Life Members

Jo Chappell

Stuart Spencer

Tim Hartley

Bob Aird

Andy Wallin

Kiyohiko Inoeu

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