Barrow Boxing Day Handicap

10.30am, Thursday 26th December 2019

About the race

The popular post Christmas pick-me-up is the perfect way to clear away the Xmas excess.

The course is along the gently undulating country roads around Barrow upon Soar, largely based on the Barrow 6 race route.

Runners estimate their time when they enter and start at minute intervals, with the slowest first, so that in theory everyone finishes at the same time.

The race has a full UKAA licence and is chip timed.

Fancy dress encouraged (but don't forget it might be cold, you do have to be able to run in it and there is a noon cut off for the race finish).

There are no medals, but you get a memento and a mince pie.

Enter the race

Online race entries will open 7pm, Sunday 10th November on the EventEntry website.

This is a popular event and sells out quickly each year.

  • Only 200 places
  • Entries close end of 12 December 2019 (or when all places are sold)
  • No on the day entries
  • No deferrals or refunds
  • Although it's a light-hearted race it is for runners only, and for safety reasons no buggies or dogs allowed

Race day info

Start / Finish

Humphrey Perkins School
Cotes Road, Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, LE12 8JU

IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR 2019: Runners and supporters will not have access to the Humphrey Perkins School building and toilets like previous years.

We are organising portable toilets, outdoor refreshments, and a sheltered baggage drop by the start / finish area.

Car parking

There is no car parking at the School this year. Please car share or walk/bike to the start if possible.

Information and maps about alternative parking around the village of Barrow will be added here and provided to entrants.

Registration and collection of numbers

All runners will be sent their chip timed number in the post the week before the race.

There is no on the day registration or collection of numbers.

Starting times

First runners start at 10.30am.

You will be assigned a handicapped starting group based on your predicted time. You will be told which group / starting time in your race pack (sent in the post).

Facilities & refreshments

  • portable toilets by start / finish area
  • sheltered baggage drop - there is only limited space so please just drop a warm top
  • water station at finish
  • hot drinks - TBC

Route map

The route starts and finishing at Humphrey Perkins School in Barrow upon Soar and run mostly on country roads.

Contact details

Email the Race Director:


2018 results

Download the final 2018 results [CSV file].

Race day photos have been uploaded to Facebook: Boxing Day Handicap 2018 photo album

2017 results

Download the final 2017 results [CSV file].

2016 results

1346Gary BurnettMALECharnwood AC33:57:00
2347Mark LambellMALEWest End Runners34:09:00
3340Oliver Math MatharuMALE 34:18:00
4338Mick KingsburyMALECharnwood A C34:42:00
5339Jack HallMALE 35:39:00
6341Gemma Hillier-MosesFEMCharnwood A C35:44:00
7332Martin MakinMALECharnwood AC36:13:00
8337Sam PoleMALEFleckney & Kibworth Athle36:31:00
9335Daniel ButcherMALEBarrow Runners36:52:00
10312Dan RobbertsMALEBarrow Runners37:13:00
11344Ed TooneMALECharnwood ac37:33:00
12327Daniel AndersonMALEBelle Vue Racers37:38:00
13330Chris JacksonMALE 37:39:00
14324Jennifer MustonFEMSpenborough & Dist AC37:40:00
15329Carl BromleyMALEspeedhub37:50:00
16326Sean WaldrumMALE 37:58:00
17325Mark WyszynskiMALEHolme Pierrepont RC38:19:00
18334James SmithMALEBarrow Runners38:21:00
19323Adam HartleyMALE 38:21:00
20320Alex WrightMALECorby AC38:30:00
21333Phil SaundersMALE 38:31:00
22315Chris TrinderMALEBarrow Runners38:49:00
23198Lily BridgwoodFEM 39:49:00
24345Tom HalcarzMALE 39:52:00
25290Russell LewinMALEBarrow Runners39:59:00
26285Ben SalterMALE 40:12:00
27296Andrew PriceMALEBarrow Runners40:17:00
28319John ReesMALECharnwood A C40:20:00
29280Keith YendallMALEBarrow Runners40:23:00
30317Alex TollMALEBarrow Runners40:27:00
31295Matt HallMALE 40:28:00
3274Rob HipkinMALE 40:35:00
33331Alex MeadMALEMVH Tri Club40:47:00
34294Simon ReynoldsMALESouth Derbyshire Road Run40:54:00
35304Emily AultFEMBarrow Runners40:59:00
36265David JacksonMALEWreake Runners41:00:00
37313Mark LangdaleMALEWest End Runners41:01:00
38274Kurt ReadMALETeignbridge Trotters41:08:00
39255Rob BeersMALEStilton Striders41:32:00
40262Steve GroveMALE 41:41:00
41276Dale JenkinsMALERoadhoggs leicetser a.c41:52:00
42289Ali LewisMALE 41:59:00
43291Greg AultMALE 42:05:00
44277Alistair HowardMALEWreake Runners42:08:00
45287Rolf HoelmerMALEHinckley Running Club42:08:00
46275Glenn ThompsonMALEBarrow Runners42:09:00
47284Adey PayneMALEWest End Runners42:24:00
48261Jonny RevillMALE 42:27:00
49194Andrew OrmeMALESouth Derbyshire Road Run42:27:00
50293Vickie HallamFEMWest End Runners42:29:00
51204Angus TrimbleMALE 42:35:00
52321Edward TanseyMALEBarrow Runners42:43:00
53316Debbie KilmisterFEMBeaumont RC42:56:00
54195Gary AshwellMALEWest End Runners43:01:00
55282Andy LindleyMALEIvanhoe Runners43:05:00
56271Will RaimentMALEBirmingham Running Athlet43:07:00
57328David PallettMALEHermitage Harriers43:09:00
5814Kerry MunnFEMKettering Town Harriers43:11:00
59303James TaylorMALEAlmost Athletes43:12:00
60251Darran AstonMALE 43:13:00
61238Katie HateleyFEMStilton Striders43:27:00
62221Mick TinbergenMALEWestend Runners43:30:00
63272Stephen MakinMALE 43:50:00
64249Mick AndersonMALE 43:57:00
65297Nick HartleyMALE 43:59:00
66227Catherine WrightFEMCorby AC44:00:00
67224Rob BaserMALEWigston Phoenix RC44:00:00
68209Michelle WilliamsFEM 44:02:00
69244Mark WooodwardMALE 44:02:00
70236Conrad WebbeMALEWest End Runners44:02:00
71250William CowieMALE 44:04:00
72311Kirsty HillierFEMBarrow Runners44:05:00
73237Richard BrownMALECharnwood A C44:13:00
74256Ben JacksonMALE 44:15:00
75225Malcolm HarrisMALEBarrow Runners44:16:00
76253Mat RichardsonMALEBarrow Runners44:19:00
77260David RobsonMALEBarrow Runners44:26:00
78279Clare GrahamFEMSt Mary's Richmond AC44:27:00
79336Ian CoxMALE 44:30:00
80243Simon ColeMALEBarrow Runners44:30:00
81233Richard PerkinsMALE 44:51:00
82314Ian FiskMALEBarrow Runners44:56:00
83298Chris GorseMALESpenborough & Dist AC45:00:00
84241David SnutchMALEBirstall RC45:01:00
85254Liam KingMALEBarrow Runners45:03:00
86307Natalie WettlerFEMCharnwood AC45:11:00
87310Kate ChampneysFEMCharnwood A C45:11:00
88309Dominic Szczepaniak SlMALE 45:11:00
89308Jennifer Szczepaniak SlFEM 45:12:00
90263Andy WilfordMALEHuncote Harriers45:18:00
91240Chris TrzcinskiMALEBarrow Runners45:19:00
92350Lewis MosesMALE 45:21:00
93239Bridie DarcyFEMHermitage Harriers45:28:00
94210Mark SnutchMALEBarrow Runners45:29:00
95208David BuxtonMALEBarrow Runners45:30:00
96213Simon ReadMALE 45:30:00
97286Brian GeesonMALEBarrow Runners45:30:00
98200Chris FellowsMALE4Life Triathlon Club45:44:00
99120Pete ShawMALE 45:47:00
100258Ed StuttardMALE 45:50:00
101232Tom WornMALEBarrow Runners45:56:00
10232Daniel WrightMALE 45:57:00
103132Jack TarbuckMALE 45:59:00
104220Lesley WilkinsFEMHermitage Harriers46:02:00
105229Andrew WilliamsMALENotts AC46:08:00
106218Neil CobleyMALEBarrow Runners46:13:00
107257Anna HardingFEMPoplar Running Club46:25:00
108228Andrew HawkinsMALE 46:42:00
109234Terry VaughanMALELeicester Tri Club46:55:00
110273Andrew MakinMALE 46:56:00
111192Paul MeneelyMALEBarrow Runners47:10:00
112152John DownsMALE 47:29:00
113184Cheryl WrightFEM 47:43:00
114219Gareth WilkinsMALEBeaumont RC47:43:00
115125Amy MatharuFEMPoplar Running Club47:50:00
116117Joanne SpencerFEM 47:51:00
117217Anne NewberyFEMHuncote Harriers48:05:00
118306Shaun NewboldMALEWest End Runners48:08:00
119211David HallMALEStilton Striders48:23:00
120230Clare CoombesFEMVegan Runners UK48:25:00
121231Anton NewellMALESutton in Ashfield Harrie48:25:00
122252Naomi HarveyFEMBarrow Runners48:26:00
123206Nigel HillierMALEBarrow Runners48:26:00
124107Stuart CoeMALEBeaumont RC48:28:00
125216Nathan BennettMALE 48:30:00
126193Averil HardingFEM 48:41:00
127189Rob HamesMALEWigston Phoenix RC48:42:00
128115Rachael MartinFEMBarrow Runners48:45:00
129170Antony AskhamMALE 48:46:00
130223Jon WalshMALEBarrow Runners48:58:00
131153James MustonMALE 49:06:00
132154Dawn MustonFEM 49:07:00
133173Rob HardyMALE 49:08:00
134185Dean TonksMALE 49:09:00
135172Lisa WrightFEMSouth Derbyshire Road Run49:12:00
136302Monique RaaijmakersFEMBarrow Runners49:17:00
137165Nicholas ChapmanMALE 49:27:00
138235Sam ConlonFEM 49:34:00
139202Michelle BrownFEMBeaumont RC49:41:00
140166Amy RudkinFEMspeedhub49:46:00
141123Chris MurrayMALEBarrow Runners49:51:00
142201Lynda RevillFEMIvanhoe Runners49:52:00
143183Sarah ProcterFEMStilton Striders49:57:00
144146Lindsay FungMALEBeaumont RC50:16:00
145111Antony BowmanMALE 50:20:00
146109Mike DomokosMALEBarrow Runners50:20:00
147110Simon LomaxMALE 50:21:00
148197Katy HerridgeFEM 50:22:00
149199Melanie DeromeFEM 50:22:00
150112Simon QuigleyMALEBeaumont RC50:25:00
151214Lucy BirdFEMBarrow Runners50:29:00
152215Tom BirdMALEBarrow Runners50:29:00
153171Peter BarrattMALEBirstall RC50:34:00
154174Andrew KirkMALE 51:01:00
155179John HudsonMALEStilton Striders51:02:00
156191Kevan HowarthMALESileby Running Club51:15:00
157104Laela HowardFEM 51:17:00
158141Clive AndersonMALE 51:22:00
159187Louise NortonFEM 51:23:00
160212Peter TalbotMALE 51:29:00
161175James HassellMALE 51:35:00
162131Lisa EllisFEMBeaumont RC51:37:00
163190Karen HartlandFEMIvanhoe Runners51:37:00
164222Hannah ColemanFEMBeaumont RC51:38:00
165164Amanda YatesFEMBarrow Runners51:38:00
166119Alan CommonsMALE 51:42:00
167161Rebecca ChandlerFEMBarrow Runners52:07:00
168160Claire ArmitageFEMBarrow Runners52:07:00
169143Paul WiddowfieldMALE 52:17:00
17073Zoe BarkerFEMSileby running club52:21:00
171106Linda PullenFEMBarrow Runners52:34:00
17282Karl StonesMALEBarrow Runners52:35:00
173245Edward NixonMALE 52:39:00
174151Chloe HurstFEMBedford Harriers AC52:44:00
175147Alison RudkinFEMspeedhub52:48:00
17667Elizabeth ReesFEMCharnwood A C52:55:00
177139Michael TaitMALEPoplar Running Club53:10:00
178128Clare MensleyFEM 53:24:00
179259Peter MensleyMALECharnwood A C53:24:00
180113Roger GriffithsMALEBarrow Runners53:26:00
181144Chris CommonsMALE 53:27:00
182105Steve InghamMALEPoplar Running Club53:35:00
183133Alison SalisburyFEMBarrow runners53:39:00
184130Darryl JohnsonMALEHermitage Harriers53:40:00
185159Laura GreenFEMBarrow Runners54:10:00
18698Jackie HowarthFEM 54:24:00
187156Amy ReadFEM 54:28:00
188178Nicola HarrisonFEMBody Buddhas54:28:00
189177Rachel CharlesworthFEMBody Buddhas54:28:00
190116Kevin GambleMALEBarrow Runners54:30:00
19150David PageMALE 54:36:00
19299Rachel PallettFEM 54:36:00
193118Lorraine TollFEMBarrow Runners54:39:00
194124Sue ZurawliwFEMBarrow Runners54:39:00
195145Pip MattockFEMPoplar runners54:46:00
19690Judy FaintFEMIrene Athlectics club Cen54:48:00
197188Andrea WinklessFEMBarrow Runners54:49:00
198102Lorna TrimbleFEM 54:50:00
19994Barbara HallFEM 54:58:00
200149Hannah CheyneyFEMBarrow Runners54:58:00
201137Jimmy MitchinsonMALEWest End Runners55:02:00
202135Dan MitchinsonMALE 55:02:00
203136Gemma MitchinsonFEM 55:03:00
204114Stuart RuddMALE 55:23:00
205126Joy BrownFEM 55:25:00
20649Aileen CollinsFEMFleckney & Kibworth Athle55:33:00
20731Jo RansonFEM 55:43:00
208122Becky JacksonFEM 55:51:00
20989Marie WilfordFEMHuncote Harriers56:00:00
21088Bill PhillipsMALEBARROW RUNNERS56:06:00
21196Angela LawrenceFEM 56:06:00
21287Gemma JamesFEM 56:08:00
21339Tracey Richardson-LynFEMHermitage Harriers56:27:00
21440Chris Richardson-LynMALECoalville Triathlon Club56:28:00
215158Julia WaiteFEM 56:28:00
21697Gillian KirkFEMCharnwood Triathlon Club56:32:00
21791Caroline RichardsonFEM 56:39:00
21865Martin StuttardMALE 56:42:00
21956Mark NewcombeMALE 56:45:00
22057Robin BarberMALEMVH Tri Club56:52:00
221100Kaye MeadFEMStilton Striders57:06:00
22268Ben CheyneyMALE 57:07:00
22383Samantha AstonFEM 57:16:00
22485Dave OnionMALERedhill Road Runners57:18:00
22545Nicki LittleFEMBeaumont RC57:21:00
22686Teddy ReadMALE 57:25:00
22755Georgina NewcombeFEM 57:30:00
228101Eddie GriffithsMALEBarrow Runners57:36:00
22911Bethany MinshullFEM 57:38:00
23016Carl MeadMALEBarrow Runners57:43:00
23172Craig LeeMALEBeaumont Runners57:52:00
232148Tony HallMALE 57:54:00
23310Roisin KnightFEMWest End Runners58:03:00
23446Eleanor ParryFEMPoplar Running Club58:09:00
23515Chris CoombsMALE 58:30:00
23652Mary CheyneyFEM 58:44:00
23734Fiona MeeFEMBarrow Runners58:50:00
23853Lisa CommonsFEMHermitage Harriers58:56:00
23977Kelly BenistonFEMBeaumont RC59:13:00
24020Amy SalterFEM 59:16:00
24158Robert BlackMALE 59:18:00
242150Cheika KennedyFEMBarrow Runners59:29:00
2433Amy BarkerFEM 59:29:00
2441Emma BagleyFEM 59:29:00
24570Judith BrookFEM 59:38:00
24671Jayne TansleyFEM 59:38:00
24751Vicky HallFEM4Life Triathlon Club59:56:00
24854Helen RobbertsFEMPoplar Running Club59:59:00
24913John SkeltonMALE 01:00:03
25012Audrey PhilbrooksFEM 01:00:03
25147Charlotte LeedsFEMBeaumont RC01:00:13
25280Robert MayMALE 01:00:38
25329Heidi ElliottFEMTeam Twinkle01:00:50
25419Elizabeth MilneFEM 01:01:12
25564Jancy StuttardFEM 01:01:52
25627Janet HudsonFEM 01:01:53
25763Kerry TebbuttFEM 01:02:10
25843Helen WisemanFEMBarrow01:02:15
25944Peter WisemanMALEBarrow01:02:16
26041Thomas SmithMALE 01:02:29
26148Margaret WanFEM 01:03:19
26284Theo PotterMALEBeaumont RC01:03:19
26336Amanda StanbridgeFEMBarrow Runners01:04:09
264103Laurie AkroydFEM 01:04:22
26538Georgina AndersonFEM 01:04:29
26635Julia De Bretton-GorFEM 01:04:30
26724Alison JohnstonFEMbarrow runners01:04:32
26837Karen AndersonFEM 01:04:40
26922Laura PeacockFEM 01:04:42
27075Michelle SkinnerFEM 01:05:48
27176Simon PalmerMALE 01:05:49
27261Adele StanleyFEMNone01:06:46
27359Kath SpencerFEMBarrow Runners01:06:46
27479Matthew CumberlandMALEBarrow Runners01:06:46
27562Kerrie FoxFEMBarrow01:06:47
27678Emma Spencer CumberFEMbarrow01:06:47
27760Christine SpencerFEMBarrow Runners01:06:47
2787Ruth BirdFEMBeaumont RC01:06:54
27923Peter TetstallMALEBarrow Runners01:09:06
28026Yvonne SmithFEMPoplar Running Club01:09:33
28125Nigel SmithMALEPoplar Running Club01:09:34
282283Bryan ShipleyMALEBeaumont RC01:09:55
28333Carol MartinFEMDerbyshire Dynamos01:10:25
28418Dave BellinghamMALELeicester Triathlon Club01:10:43
28517Natalie GreenFEM 01:12:23
2868Sally ChamberlainFEM 01:12:24
287322Paul GrahamMALESt Mary's Richmond AC01:12:24
28830Scott CairnsMALE 01:12:35
2895Melanie SnutchFEMBirstall RC01:12:45
290269Cliff FungMALEBeaumont RC01:21:22
2916Jenny McPhersonFEMMVH Tri Club01:25:37