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The Barrow 'Honesty' Marathon

A FREE to participate marathon - sponsored by MJ Rees Accountants Leicester

This marathon was 'invented' to plug a gap in the calendar. I wanted to undertake a marathon but could not find one that was at the right time of year, easy to enter, and not too expensive. Impossible. So why not make up my own, so I did.

I am making this available to anyone and everyone who wants to run a marathon for FREE. If you wish you can run as a RELAY team, why not? just let me have all names and I will record.

There is no set date when you have to run the marathon, chose your own day and time. But bear in mind how long it will take you, and leave enough daylight. Also as this is run on mainly country roads and villages it is NOT TRAFFIC FREE so best avoid peak hours.

Where possible run on pavements and ensure you can be seen, high visibility is always advisable.

This is NOT a flat course I have tried to avoid many of the Counties hills but it is best described as undulating.

No medical support, no water station, no mile markers, and no direction markers, but we will send you a map with a detailed note of the route.

YOU UNDERTAKE THIS RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK LIKE YOU WOULD ANY TRAINING RUN. We strongly recommend you ask a family User or friend to be around to assist you if you need help. Any medical emergency will be a 999 call as if on any other training run, have a phone with you.


If you would like to run this marathon route please email us and I will send you the suggested route. Contact me on - You can also view a map of the course here;

Once you have completed the run, and this is the HONESTY bit, email your finishing time, name and any Club you run for and we will put you on a list of finishes.

There is a QUALITY MEDAL available courtesy of Sponsors MJ REES & Co Chartered Accountants. Send £5.00 payable to Barrow Runners with your name and address and we will send you the medal. You will need to record your own date as the medal, for obvious reasons, will not bear the date of your run. (Relay teams can order as many as they like at £5 each)

Although we have measured the course several times I cannot claim or guarantee the exact distance as there is no racing line nor any official measurement by authorised course measurement officials.

Why am I doing this? To help you run and hopefully to help raise some money for needy children.

Any donation you make will go to Rainbows Children's Hospice, no amount will be deducted for anything. Hopefully it's worth £5 or £10 or more if you wish and can afford. Please visit:-

Of course you do not have to have a medal, or make a donation, or even tell me you have run, that part is up to you.

I really hope you enjoy the route, best of luck. Let me have any feedback or good news stories. Ian Paramore

09/12/2011Ian ParamoreBarrow Runners3.25.15
24/02/2012Chris BrownBarrow Runners3.08.58
11/11/2012Doug SkehanBarrow Runners3.40.43
30/12/2015Ben Smith401 Marathons4.28.00
30/12/2015Pete YatesBarrow Runners4.28.00
30/12/2015Amanda YatesBarrow Runners4.28.00
30/12/2015Simon ColeBarrow Runners4.28.00
30/12/2015Hannah ChayneyBarrow Runners4.28.00
30/12/2015Dawn StorerBarrow Runners4.28.00
12/04/2016Mark SwiftPoplar4.34.00
12/04/2016Craig SharpPoplar4.34.00
12/04/2016Roger ClarkePoplar4.34.00
12/04/2016Shaun Bomber CrowsonPoplar4.34.00
12/04/2016Martin DugganPoplar4.34.00
12/04/2016Ben Smith401 Challenge4.34.00
12/04/2016Simon ColeBarrow Runners4.34.00
12/04/2016Lucy birdBarrow Runners4.34.00
12/04/2016Michelle wardBarrow Runners4.34.00
12/04/2016Pete YatesBarrow Runners4.34.00
12/04/2016Amanda YatesBarrow Runners4.34.00
12/04/2016Mary CheneyBarrow Runners4.34.00
12/04/2016Corrine BerkleyBarrow Runners4.34.00
12/04/2016Karen HartlandIvanhoe4.34.00
Sponsored by Mark J Rees LLP

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