Tuesday Nights

Tuesday night training is a paced run of approximately 1 hour. Locations vary throughout the year, in winter we run on road and alternate between Barrow and Loughborough, in the Summer months we alternate between Barrow and Woodhouse Eaves to utilise the local trails.

Locations for each week can be found on the event calendar, where the approximate route is usually posted.

Group leaders will adjust the route for shorter / longer options depending on the speed of their group.

For Winter road runs please remember to wear hi-viz!

Group Paces

The below are approximate paces for each group for road runs. When off-road the paces will all be slower, so choose a group based on your road pace. If unsure speak to any of the leaders on the night.

When numbers allow, some groups will divide into subgroups of varying pace. This is always managed on the night by the group leaders to ensure no-one is left behind!

GroupRoad PaceTypical Leaders
106.30Coxy, Chris, Alex, Ollie
207.00Steven, David, James, Jonathan
307.15Keith, Lloyd, Andrew
407.30Nigel, Naimh
508.00Alison, Mark
608.30Sue, Lorraine
810.00Julie, Amanda

Thursday Nights

Thursday nights are speed or interval sessions. These alternate between Ratcliffe College and either Loughborough Grammar School track in Quorn (summer) or local road circuits (winter).

In winter when on road please remember to wear hi-viz.

Each week's training location and overview the session will be on the event calendar