Barrow Runners Coaching & Training

Barrow Runners places an important emphasis on structured coaching sessions, and at present the Club has three Coaches registered at different coaching levels with various experiences in running and coaching ranging from individual to group.

On a Tuesday we split into paced groups for a long tempo run between 5-9 miles and on Thursday we work on the speed element of training.

The Thursday night training sessions are put together by our Coaching Team and will benefit runners of all abilities, whatever the distance you want to train for. These include interval sessions, pyramids, and various hill sessions.

Over the summer we are based at the grass track in Barrow opposite Humphrey Perkins School and in the winter we have various sessions on road in Barrow and Loughborough, all in a safe coached environment.

These session venues & any other details can be found on the session plan in the Thursday Session tab.

Each week an email is sent round with the warm up route and the session venue alongside any other additional information you may need and is also detailed on the website.

Everyone is welcome, all you need to do is have a desire to improve yourself.

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Coming Up

Club Training
Tuesday, 25 July 19:00

Club Session
Thursday, 27 July 19:00-20:00

Club Training
Tuesday, 01 August 19:00
Woodhouse Eaves

Joy Can 5
Wednesday, 02 August

Joy Cann 5
Wednesday, 02 August

Colour Splash
Runner Bean