Club Records and Personal Bests

As a club we hold official club records at certified distances. Races must be ran registered as a Barrow Runner, and 2nd Claim runners are eligible providing they register in the race as Barrow Runners.

We also have a Personal Best tracker where all members can log their own PB's.

We believe these to be the club records to our best knowledge. If members believe they have a record that should be listed please email race, date and link to results to

For further race stats and LRRL archives have a look at Barrow page on the 'RaceStats' website.

Personal Best Tracker

Race Distance
Ben Plummer01:16:21
Michael Ballard01:17:32
Emily Smith01:20:19
Chris Trinder01:26:47
Peter Tetstall01:27:02
Jonathan Male01:28:49
Helen James01:30:29
Joel Payne01:30:51
Rob Beers01:31:12
Liam King01:35:45
Mark Sadler01:36:08
Paul Bentley01:48:37
Pete Wiseman01:49:29
Karl Stones01:55:42
Christine Spencer02:08:41