Training for juniors

Junior members usually have a dedicated session at Ratcliffe College on Thursdays (7-8pm) run by our coaches.

This is paused for the Winter.

The younger age groups build on fundamentals of athletics, focussing on the fun.

Older age groups work on foundation athletics building towards event specialism as they progress / get older.

Movement, balance, co-ordination, core strength and conditioning are put ahead of distance and pounding out the miles, and we build endurance in a controlled fashion.


All juniors must be accompanied to the Thursday training session by a parent, guardian, or close family friend. That adult must remain on site throughout the training session, and available to deal with any issues.

The adult member can take part in the adult training session running at the same time.

  • Junior membership is for ages 6 (school year 2) to 17 years
  • Each junior member must have a parent, guardian or close family member/friend that is a current adult Club member

Tuesday nights for over 15s

Junior members that are 15 years old and older are permitted to run with Tuesday night groups.

The parent or guardian of the junior must agree this in advance with the Club's Junior Representative (Ian Paramore) so that provision can be made with the appropriate group's leader to accomodate a junior runner.


Annual junior membership is £10 per year, and runs from April to March each year (like adult members).

This is a non-competitive membership, which means junior members are not automatically registered with England Athletics.

Any junior wishing to compete in competitions (where they can take part above the age of 11+ unaccompanied) can do so by paying the additional EA registration fee - currently £17 (the same as adults).

Please speak to us about this if required.

How to register a junior member

Remember: junior members can only be registered by an active adult club member. The junior member/s are then associated with your adult membership.
  1. Go to the Junior membership page on the website
  2. Log in to your own Barrow Runners account if prompted - you can only register a junior if you are an active adult member
  3. Click the red 'Add Child' button and complete the form
  4. Complete the form and PayPal payment
  5. You should get a confirmation email and be able to see the juniors member/s associated with your account by returning to the Junior membership page
Note: no email or contact details are collected for junior members. The adult member's email will be used for correspondence. Personal data for junior members is also stored and handled in accordance with the Club's privacy policy.

Junior section enquiries

Please contact our Juniors Representative Ian Paramore via [email protected]