Winter 2018 Club Championships

  1. There are 10 races selected and listed below (spread across November to March)
  2. To complete the championship, runners must run any 4 of the 10 races, where the best 4 will count.
  3. Scoring is based on the chip time of Barrow runners from race results, i.e. fastest Barrow male and female finisher awarded 100 points, 2nd fastest finisher 99 points and so on...Chip time was selected as the fairest system for capturing position, so as not to give a head start to those standing closer to the start line.
  4. The tables are split male/female then by age categories (with ten year gaps V40-V80 plus junior).
  5. Table updates and publishing will be quick, as soon as results are available.
  6. The 2018/19 winter events and dates are as follows:

Championship races

  1. 4th Nov - Dovedale Dash
  2. 10th Nov - Seagrave Challenge (16m)
  3. 5th Dec - Leicester 5k (Victoria Park)
  4. 13th Jan - Bagworth Cross Country
  5. 26th Jan - Forest Rec parkrun
  6. 17th Feb - Leicestershire Half Marathon (Prestwold)
  7. 17th Feb - Grace Dieu Cross Country
  8. 24th Feb - Stilton 7 (LRRL)
  9. 10th Mar - The Peatling Challenge* (7 mile option) (note: this replaces the cancelled Sherwood Pines Night Run)
  10. 23rd Mar - Charnwood Half Marathon

*Entries for the Peatling Challenge have closed. The club have been granted a special entry arrangement to accommodate us. Contact Andy Price to be added to the block booking. Payment is £10 and to be made directly to the organisers paid through PayPal to Please reference your payment as 'Barrow Runners'.

General rules of prizes/awards

  1. The club maintain two championship tables: male and female
  2. Championship tables to be used to determine overall and category winners
  3. Prizes allocated to overall 1st and runner up for male and female
  4. Prizes allocated to 1st place male and 1st place female in categories: Junior, V40, V50, V60, V70, V80.
  5. Age categories for prizes based on age on the date of the first championship race
  6. A prize giving ceremony will be held on a training night in March/April
  7. Overall category is all inclusive, i.e. Vets can win overall AND category
  8. Any challenge should be made within 7 days / before the next race (whichever is soonest) to
  9. Committee decision is final

Scoring system

  1. Members to complete at least 4 of 10 listed races, and the best 4 will count
  2. You must be a Barrow Member at the time of event to score, enter as a Barrow Runner and run in Barrow Colours
  3. Scoring based on the chip time of Barrow runners from the organiser race results eg 100 points fastest Barrow finisher, 100 points fastest female Barrow finisher, 99 for second fastest and so on
  4. If two runners share the same chip time, the higher points will be awarded to the first finisher listed in the race results
  5. Where the final score for a prize is tied, award based on most head to head victories. If it remains a tie, award is shared.
  6. Where there is no category winner due to insufficient races completed, scoring is based on 3 races from 10 (then 2 races and so on)

Current standings

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