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IMPORTANT: To register as a club member you must be 18 years old.

Club membership runs annually from April to March. The 2023 -2024 membership is £37.00 for the year. Membership for those joining after 1st Feb 2024 is £42.00 but membership will roll over to the following year. Second claim members can join for £18.50.

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Club Kit

Club Vest (£15.00 extra)
Club T-Shirt (£16.00 extra)
Club Hoodie (£19.00 extra)
Club Zipped Hoodie (£23.00 extra)
Club Buff (£4.00 extra)

I have read and agree to the Data Protection and Privacy Policies

I understand that Barrow Runners will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or illness sustained whilst participating in any Club activities

I agree to adhere to the Club Constitution and be bound by its conditiions

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